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Ederney school kids get electric education

12th June 2019

Bright sparks from St Joseph’s visit TievenameentaWind Farm to mark Global Wind Day

To mark Global Wind Day 2019, 18 pupils from St Joseph’s primary school, Ederney took a trip to Tievenameenta to see how the wind can be harnessed, creating 100% green energy that powers their homes and communities.

The trip to Tievenameenta allowed the pupils to see firsthand how wind energy is generated, while getting a behind the scenes tour of inside the turbines to get a better understanding of electricity generation.

Global Wind Day takes place on June 15 every year, it is a day for discovering wind energy and the potential it has to help countries like Northern Ireland reach climate targets. Earlier this week, Prime Minister May committed the UK to net zero carbon by 2050.

Completed in 2017, Tievenameenta is a 15 turbine wind farm located near Killeter, Co Tyrone, which can generate enough clean, green energy to power 30,000 homes. SSE is the largest renewable energy developer in Northern Ireland, with 140MW of wind energy installed. Their future plans will double that output with proposals for Northern Ireland’s largest renewable project - the 139MW wind farm at Doraville, near Cookstown.

Earlier this year St Joseph’s was one of 19 community groups to benefit from the first Community Fund for Tievenameenta Wind Farm. The Ederney school received funding to purchase energy efficient equipment for the school. The Tievenamenta Wind Farm Community Fund launched in 2018 and will be worth over £2million to local projects and groups across its lifetime.

Speaking at the visit, SSE Airtricity Site Supervisor Francis McKenna said:

"Global Wind Day is a great opportunity to celebrate how far we have come in generating clean, green energy. It was great to see the pupils from St Joseph’s get up close to the turbines at Tievenameentato see how we can turn a vast and free resource like wind into electricity to light up our homes. These children already know how important energy is and have been involved in the energy efficient project at their school - and if these children can take small actions to help tackle climate change, then we all can do more.

At SSE we’re proud of the economic, social and environmental contributions of our renewable energy projects in Northern Ireland, and we are also proud to provide homes, businesses and schools right across Northern Ireland with clean, green energy.”

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