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Grow NI welcomes commitment to lower rate by April 2018

17th November 2015
Eamonn Donaghy, Chair of Grow NI, the umbrella group representing business, academic and voluntary organisations committed to the devolution of corporation tax, has welcomed today’s agreement which will see a reduced rate of corporation tax introduced in April 2018.
"The news that corporation tax is to be reduced to the same rate as the Republic of Ireland by April 2018 will be welcomed by all of us who have been working to build a sustainable and prosperous economy here in Northern Ireland. Future employment growth will only come from the private sector and reducing the rate to 12.5% will create tens of thousands of jobs in local, national and international companies across cities, towns and rural areas throughout the region.”
"Recent job losses have shown the full extent of the economic challenges we face and that our economy requires urgent recalibration if we are to compete on global markets, create high-value and well paid employment and reduce poverty and inequality which plagues many areas in Northern Ireland. Today’s announcement will go a long way to meeting these challenges.”
"This decision comes as a result of nearly twenty years campaigning and I would like to thank all those who have supported our efforts. This includes the members of Grow NI, the political parties who have supported our campaign along with NI Executive and NI Office Ministers.
"I would also like to pay special tribute to Sir George Quigley who first proposed that these powers be devolved to Northern Ireland. His inspiration and vision, in the face of trenchant opposition from many quarters, is finally realised today and will result in vast improvements in employment and standards of living for all of us living here.”
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