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21st March 2018
An award-winning Social Enterprise, Amazing Brains, which is dedicated to helping students to reach their full potential, is hosting open exam preparation sessions next week in a move which founder Roisin McFeely hopes will empower students to take control of the exam period.

Amazing Brains has developed a specific ‘Study System’ that has been delivered to thousands of students across Ireland, north and south, and is designed to maximise the outcome of the time spent by Years 11-14 pupils who are facing exams. Schools that have already invested in the system have all seen a significant upturn in application and motivation of pupils when it comes to revision.

Two ‘Making Study Easy’ sessions in Belfast next week are open to both GCSE and A-level students.
Roisin McFeely said,
"Next week marks the 50 day countdown until the start of the GCSE and A-Level written exams. Lots of students will be extremely well prepared but many will also be feeling helpless, not knowing where to start, never mind how to revise. This session is guaranteed to help those students who struggle to get organized and who just need that extra bit of guidance to give them the confidence, motivation and study strategies to do their best.”

"We will help students on the journey from initial conception of study through the process of mapping out content, to creating notes and preparing to maximise marks in the exams. Through this 90-minute practical tutorial, we will empower students and prepare them to take control of their revision.”

The Study System has already been in place at St Louise’s Comprehensive College in West Belfast since last September. Amazing Brains has worked in partnership with the school for a number of years and principal Miss McHenry praised the input of the organisation.

"Amazing Brains has added a new dimension to the life and work of our school. The use of the Study System throughout all key stages, alongside the training of staff and parents, has developed greater independence, particularly in terms of study. This is one of the most creative and innovative packages that we have seen and which taps into the needs and aspirations of all our learners. There is an ease with which it can be used and the effective training model delivered by Amazing Brains allows for focused implementation.”

Roisin says the St Louise’s relationship is an example of how partnership works in education:
"We believe that pupils thrive when all of their support structures work together. That means teachers, peers, parents and our support staff. We tend to see that schools who engage Amazing Brains once, do so on an ongoing partnership basis thereafter. We are a social enterprise and that means we are always dedicated to reinvesting in our research and our programme design for the ultimate benefit of students. It is a pupil-first approach.”
The ‘Making Study Easy’ sessions will take place in the Balmoral Hotel, Thursday 4.30pm. Places can be booked at www.amazingbrains.co.uk
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