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Majority will stick to regulations

15th October 2020

The vast majority of Northern Ireland people are committed to wearing masks and face coverings because it’s the right thing to do, a survey reveals this week. 

The @FightbackNI campaign, a social media site encouraging people to stick to the hand-washing, mask-wearing, distance-respecting advice of the medical community, conducted three surveys this week to determine attitudes towards impending tightening of rules.

The three surveys asked people about the attitudes to mask-wearing, house parties and a potential new lockdown.

Almost 500 people responded to the survey questions with 89% of respondents saying they would absolutely don masks and face coverings while only two per cent said they would not. Nine per cent remain unconvinced about the benefits of mask-wearing and said they wanted more evidence before committing.

House parties have been in the news in recent weeks particularly as students return to new terms in universities and colleges. The @fightbackNI survey shows that 86% of respondents answered "No” to the question: Will you go to a house party or meet up with friends this weekend?

Eight per cent said they would be attending hours parties while six per cent answered: "Don’t know: are we allowed?”

Ahead of the new restrictions, which come into effect this weekend, the survey showed that Northern Ireland people are willing to knuckle down again.

Eighty per cent of respondents said that if a new lockdown was imposed they would adhere to it. Thirteen per cent said they would not adhere to new lockdown rules and seven per cent told the survey that they would do a halfway house instead.

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