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Northern Ireland telecoms chief welcomes additional funds for broadband

26th June 2017
The head of Belfast based telecommunications firm B4B Group has welcomed the specific commitment of £150million to deliver ultrafast broadband throughout the region following the announcement of additional infrastructure funding from the Government. The company is currently completing a roll out of Ultrafast capable broadband infrastructure in 9 business parks around Northern Ireland.
Managing Director Dominic Kearns said the investment opens the potential to ensure that Northern Ireland's digital infrastructure is improved dramatically.

"Broadband is essential in attracting inward investment, supporting indigenous businesses, and improving the lives of people who live here. These additional funds need to be invested immediately in the areas that require it the most. I welcome the focus on Ultrafast infrastructure as anything less is only a temporary solution that will require upgrading over time.
"It is important that the Government stakeholders engage with the communications sector here as well as the wider business community to ensure the commitment is realised as effectively as possible. Companies like ours are already delivering innovative broadband solutions in areas which were previously designated as hard to reach as well as our current roll out of Ultrafast infrastructure in business parks throughout Northern Ireland."
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