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Under the sea? What today could mean for Arts and Culture funding
28th October 2014
Believe it or not, the Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure owns £133,000 worth of fish (see picture right). Listed as ‘inventory’ on Page 114 of their 2013/2014 annual accounts, the valuation is some £100,000 lower than last year when then they owned a whopping £248,000 worth of edible sea creatures. That's certainly enough to send Captain Birdseye s...
Ten things I’ve learned since moving to Belfast
27th October 2014
This week marks one year since I joined as a fully fledged member of MW Advocate. 365 days, countless photo-calls, two houses and one deceased laptop later I have decided that the PR world is for me. The year has flown by – probably in part due to the fact that I’ve moved to Belfast for the first time and had to adapt to new a lifestyle and schedule to my previous life in L...
Time for a reality check - good times are not here yet
14th October 2014
The third Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) was published yesterday by the NI Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with business advisory firm BDO NI. The results are mixed and to some degree go against the general view that the worst of the recession is behind us and good times lie ahead. It is in fact a useful reality check, the promised land is not yet around the corner, and the path t...
Songs of Innocence
19th September 2014
There is more to the latest U2 album than meets the ear. That’s a conclusion born from more or less repeated listening over the last week, since Songs of Innocence landed in my i-tunes library; mine and 500,000,000 other people’s libraries, last Tuesday.  Lets set aside the debate over the method of the albums release (marketing genius or desperate barrel scrappi...
A tale of two campaigns
16th September 2014
"You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.” The Scottish Independence referendum has been a tale of two campaigns - but I suspect that only one of the campaign headquarters would have the famous Mario Cuomo quote adorning the wall. While the Yes campaign has built a strong grassroots campaign appealing to the heart of Scottish people, the No campaign has at times looked ...
Can you blunder your way to a win?
3rd September 2014
"Every team has its ten minutes” - if you've played a team sport and your luck is down while the opposing team plough ahead you’ll have been told this by a coach or mentor. The phrase serves two purposes - the first is to motivate and ensure that heads don’t drop, but the second is a gentle reminder that your team isn’t operating at optimal level ...
Cast your votes for the option of elected mayor
3rd June 2014
Councillors in Dublin recently robbed the citizens of that great city of the chance to directly elect a Lord Mayor. Provision for an office of an elected Mayor was first mooted at the beginning of last decade, though legislative progress was slow. The coalition Government through the Local Government Reform Act (2014) finally set in motion the process of electing a Mayor but, withou...
Councils have to collectively embrace open opportunities
20th May 2014
In what was very unusual for Northern Ireland we are now leaving a lengthy ‘election free’ zone, a period of 3 years without a trip to the ballot box, except for the good folk of Mid Ulster who had the luxury of a by-election in 2013. If that period offered the scope for some major decisions to be taken without the decision makers fearing the mood swings of the voters,...
Planning to please the people
7th April 2014
The overhaul of Northern Ireland’s council has been a long drawn out process, but after the elections on the 22nd May we’ll know which councillors will take control of the 11 new councils in a years time. Although the number and size of the new council areas have been known for a few years, the real change is the functions the councillors will be given, which will be t...
Economic task force can help reap benefits from Casement
1st April 2014
Over two decades ago Derry’s gaelic footballers stepped onto Casement Park having emerged victorious from their 1992 National League campaign. Household names like Henry Downey and Enda Gormley lined out against a Down team, who, as All-Ireland champions, were confident of victory. But it wasn’t to be. And while another Ulster team lifted top honours that year, Derry wen...
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