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Will Soccer catch fire in the USA?
22nd July 2015
As a sports fan in general and a lover of the beautiful game I am interested in the development of soccer in the USA, where the game finally seems to have laid lasting foundations. While on holiday in Florida earlier this month, in a pre planned bid to escape the routine of roller coasters and magic kingdoms, I bought tickets online to see Orlando City, in this their inaugural season i...
Endgame: Welfare Reform
29th May 2015
The old adage about a week being a long time in politics has a certain resonance in Northern Ireland. This last week has been a long one even by our own standards. For many observers the welfare reform saga has been a TV show that has churned out the same story line for far too many seasons, but the programmers haven't the will to bring it to an end. Ideologically speaking, we...
A new New Year’s Resolution.
26th January 2015
Sometimes when a book or film slips into national consciousness, even though everyone talks about it and you promise yourself you’ll see it or read, you never do. Dumb and Dumber is twenty years old this year and I’ve never watched it. The list of famous fiction I haven’t read is far too long to detail here, but one book which was on it until now is Patrick McCabe’...
Stormont House Agreement & Budget give opportunity for better decision making
20th January 2015
This week sees the first practical outworking of the details contained within the pre Christmas ‘Stormont House Agreement’. Given how some parties have moved away from some elements of the deal, or refused to endorse it wholly,it would be tempting to refer to the accord as the ‘Stormont House Almost Agreement’ but SHAA doesn't quite have the same ring to it. The...
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