Weekly Updates

Top 7 at 7am
20th March 2017
1. Everybody’s talking

After the election there was a three week period set aside in which the parties could get together to work out their differences and decide how a new Government would be formed. Now we’re down to the last of the three weeks, and the pressure is coming on the main actors to get a deal done in time for next Monday’s sitting. Not many pundits are putting their money on this deadline being met, but stranger things can happen in politics.

2. Scottish Referendum 2: The Sequel

Last week saw Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nichola Sturgeon stand off over a second referendum on Scottish Independence. Given the overwhelming result from the Scottish people to remain within the EU, Sturgeon and the SNP simply do not accept that Brexit can bring anything good to Scotland. It’s a headache that May doesn't need right now, and with the numbers the SNP have in Westminster, the noise will only get louder.

3. Wilde Wit

Oscar Wilde’s life is now perhaps more famous than some of his works, but we shouldn't forget the wonderful humour and wit of his writings. This week in the MAC there is a new performance of The Importance of Being Earnest, a satire of Victorian life, which was first performed in 1895. This version uses an all male cast and runs until the 15th April.

4. Imagine all the people

We’re well set for festivals of music, theatre and culture in Belfast, but Imagine is a festival of ideas and politics. Running this week in venues across the city, the talks, films, debates and workshops all aim to make us think, whether about democracy, economics, the role of arts, feminism and many, many more topics.

5. Wordsmiths

Belfast poet Micheal Longley has received huge amount of praise and prize for his works over the years, including being given the Freedom of the City by Belfast City Council a few years ago. On Sunday night he will give a reading of some of his most famous and favourite pieces in Dun Laoghaire’s Pavillion theatre, alongside US poet Fanny Howe.

6. God bless mom

Mothering Sunday celebrates the wonder of all our wee mums. Whatever it is they have done for you over the years, or still do, make sure that you show your appreciation to them on Sunday. And that doesn't mean the cheap flowers and an aero bar from the petrol station round the corner.

7. Time change

Among all the celebrations of Mothers next Sunday, don't forget that it’s also the start of British Summer Time, and while there’s no guarantee of summertime weather, it does mean that the clocks will go forward an hour. So that means you’ll get to re-programme yourself on how to re-programme the clock in your car on Monday morning.

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