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Top 7 at 7am
19th June 2017
1. Children’s Voices, Children’s Places

School kids from across Belfast have been looking at how their environment impacts on their health as part of a programme run by Belfast Healthy Cities. Last week schools from west and south Belfast presented their learning experiences and proposals that could improve their environments and make their local areas more ‘child-friendly’ to a panel of decision makers from health, housing and planning departments. Tomorrow schools from north Belfast will do the same at Girdwood.

2. Still talking

We’ve already had two elections this year, yet the benches at Parliament Buildings remain empty. Today the political parties will meet again in Stormont Castle, with the latest deadline of the 29th June placed firmly by the returning Secretary of State, James Brokenshire, as the final one. But we’ve heard that before here, haven't we.

3. Coalition of chaos?

The Queen’s Speech on Wednesday will be analysed a little bit closer than normal for any small sign or signal of the influence of the DUP on the Governments’s plans for the next Parliament. Whatever about the media’s focus on the DUP position on social issues, it’s likely that their ask of Theresa May will be primarily economic. But how long will a government with Theresa last, after a few weeks which will probably filed as the worst in her political career.

4. First week in the hot seat

In Dublin Leo Varadkar will probably be keeping note of the (many, many) mistakes Theresa May has made since taking over as leader mid term. The new Taoiseach’s first cabinet hasn't veered drastically from the one which he was part of, but the one thing that has been welcomed by the left is the commitment made to holding a referendum on the 8th Amendment.

5. Perfect tonic

Despite unsubstantiated claims that it makes you sin, the popularity of gin has grown exponentially in recent years, and it outsells other spirits in pubs across the country. And while there are now any number of serving suggestions, from honeycomb to grapefruit, for many the classic G&T still wins. So next weekend the Gin and Tonic festival celebrates some of the finest locally produced drinks, including our friends at Boatyard.


Despite being one of the most popular, successful and critically acclaimed bands in the world, for many people Radiohead are still just a bunch of miserable gits. But there is no doubt that they have continued to push the boundaries of music, while their contemporaries from the early 90s guitar scene burnt out or disappeared. Last year they released another highly praised album, A Moon Shaped Pool, and more recently released OKNOTOK, the 20th-anniversary edition of their classic OK Computer. This week they will play the 3Arena.

7. Choo-choo!

Steam trains and jazz both conjure up images of another era, long forgotten and replaced. But if you want to spend an evening recreating such golden days, then you’ll be joining Bill Cheney and the Bourbon Swing Jazz Band onboard a vintage steam locomotive on Friday as it makes its way round the train tracks of Northern Ireland.

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