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Top 7 at 7am
26th June 2017
1. Health at the heart of Belfast

On Thursday the World Health Organization’s Belfast Healthy Cities will launch two important documents at Belfast City Hall. Health at the heart of Belfast will launch their responses to the Belfast Agenda and the Local Development Plan. These two documents, Tackling inequalities in a fast changing Belfast & A Plan Fit for Children, set out how they see Belfast working for children, being a welcoming city for everyone including investor and how tackling inequalities is essential to develop Belfast as an inclusive global city.

2. It’s almost over

Talks deadlines are a vital part of the political process here. They are set and, inevitably, missed, before new ones are set and the process starts again. The fudge over the most recent, which has been set for Thursday, has already started. Which means that the Secretary of State will have to come up with some creative language to keep it moving without bringing the Assembly down.

3. Will they/Won’t they

The Tories are just learning what negotiations in NI are actually like, as their ‘supply and confidence’ deal with the DUP still has not been finalised. Parliament will meet to vote on the Queen’s Speech this week, and with some details of the £2billion demand from the DUP emerging, there are already ructions from the SNP on the financial imbalance that could occur if thee demands are met.

4. Down not out

Down produced the first major upset of the Championship with their victory over Monaghan, and now face Tyrone in the Ulster Final. Looking to replicate Down’s underdog success on Saturday will be Derry when they travel to Castlebar to face Mayo. On the same day Donegal will face an easier task in the shape of Longford.

5. Long Distance

If a marathon is a task you don't think you’ll ever attempt, then the thought of doing the equivalent of six in 24 hours is probably not something you’ll even consider next weekend. The 24 hour world championship will see brave souls gather at Victoria Park to start a race to run as far as they can in 24 hours.

6. The Dude

There aren't many films with the fanatical following that the Big Lebowski has. Fanboys and girls all over the globe pour themselves a White Russian at the mere mention of The Dude, and you can expect those people to be filling the seats of the QFT for a special screening on Friday.

7. Schools out

Alice Cooper's royalty cheque in June must be boosted by the extra spins School’s Out gets as schools all over shut their gates and excited kids look forward to two months with no homework. For those of us who aren't jetting off on holiday as soon as the school bell rings, at least the traffic may be a but lighter in the mornings.

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